Thanksgiving and Anime

Hello friends!

Now I know that this may be titled as Thanksgiving and Anime, but do not think that it will have to do with how anime may have some sort of connection with the holiday, because it is not. I wanted to take this time to shine a little like on some Anime I am thankful for and why I am thankful for them. To begin, I will write about Sailor Moon. This is one of the most popular Anime series that many watched as children (and may now) whether or not they continued to watch Anime into young adulthood.

I want to say that I am thankful for this anime because It helped spark my imagination, creativity, and adoration for art. I was mesmerized by how they drew the characters, the transformation scenes, as well as the scenes. Often times when I am watching an episode, I feel the themes are somewhat pastel colors if that makes sense. But my adoration for the pretty guardians continued to this day, and I am thankful they introduced me to Anime as well as my love of art.

Another show I am thankful for is Pokemon. Pokemon also sparked my creativity because I was very amazed at how this show could come up with the Pokemon, their traits, as well as names. I would remember tracing as well as taking pictures of my television to be able to reproduce the images on my screen. I had an obsession with this franchise just as many other children did growing up. One of the best things in today’s time is the Pokemon Go app! I love walking around my city and neighboring towns with my spouse and meeting other players. It is a warming feeling I get to see so many people, all from different walks of life joining together to play this game while exploring the outdoors.

What are some of the Anime or Manga you are thankful for?


Hello! I have taken a long break from this site and would love my followers help to bring this page back to life. Is there anything in specific that you would love for me to cover? I know many other sites already cover topics such as reviews and discussing characters and their profiles, so any posts you would like for me to review or look into for you 🙂

Gateway Anime

What do you define as “Gateway Anime” ? The term “Gateway Anime” to me stands for an Anime that wrapped you into its grasp and opened the door of exploration into more Anime, eventually spiraling you into this fandom. I remember watching older, popular mainstream Anime like Pokemon, Digimon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and my all time favorite… Sailor Moon🌙. As a child, I had no idea that these shows could be categorized differently than the regular cartoons that we also had available to us such as Rugrats, Looney Tunes, and Gargoyles (do I sound like a 90’s baby or what?!). I was graced by their art, and admired how the characters were drawn. I completely fell in love with how different these “cartoons” appeared to me. It’s interesting to me, how at such a young age, I knew there was something more, something different to these shows I was watching on TV. I hold two very specific Anime’s dear to my heart.

I was the biiigest Pokemon and Sailor Moon fan as a child. These two, no matter how mainstream, how loved and admired they are to many others, will always hold a dear place in my heart. Always. I remember once, I was grounded from watching Pokemon, which my mother knew I never missed when it aired on TV. I was super devastated that day, but my father saved my day by insisting he was the one watching Pokemon, and I just so happened to be in the room. I will never forgot the episode that was playing that day; it was “Goodbye Burterfree”,  when Ash and Butterfree part ways so that Butterfree may journey off with the great migration. Always a dear memory that holds a special meaning to me.

Sailor Moon was the Anime that made me feel that I could conquer the world and defeat all evil that came my way. I loved their outfits, I loved their powers, but most of all, I loved how their friendship could always come together and conquer whatever obstacle that came their way. My parents purchased many Sailor Scout dolls for me and my famed rolling backpack. I was in the clouds with my Sailor Moon rolling backpack I used during my first grade year! I have began rewatching Sailor Moons original series with my 6 year old daughter, and she loves the pretty guardians as well! Sharing those moments with her remind me very much of when I was that age! Just as I had asked my mother, she is also asking me for her very own Sailor Moon backpack to use for … wait for it… her first grade year of elementary school! Sometimes, we will get in the car and she will request the Opening Song which is always a nice break from COCO, Moana, or Frozen!

Watching these and other available Anime’s during early/mid 90’s really influenced my interest in art as well. I became fascinated by Anime and soon began to draw as best as I could the characters that I saw on television. I am no expert, but continue to practice every chance I get. When I gain some more confidence on my abilities, I may even post some here!

Pokemon and Sailor Moon continue to be my top two favorites, and I love how I can share these experiences and make new memories with my daughter. That is why I believe these two where my “Gateway Anime” that captured my interest and kept me going in exploring more of these fandom.

So now I ask you, what do you define as “Gateway Anime” and which Anime(s) do you hold dear?

The Journey Begins🌸

Welcome! I am most excited that you were able to stumble across my page by whatever means you did so. Whether it was through direct link from my Twitter or Tumblr account, I am glad you did so!

Let me share a little information about myself so I can virtually introduce myself. My name is Wendy and I have been an anime enthusiast since I was of a small age. I have grown up watching many of the popular shows that some may recognize as a gateway to Anime. This shows include Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Digimon, Cardcaptor Sakura: Clow Cards and more. Due to my admiration of the art style of these shows, it heavily influenced my drawing as a small child. I would study images and freeze my television screen so that I can get a better view and attempt to replicate on paper what I saw in front of me.

Over time I have seen many more grow an interest in Anime and Manga, but have also seen others shy away from openly expressing these interests. I have come face to face with other individuals that view Anime as childish, lame, and at times silly. But that never stopped me from expressing my admiration. A Person likes what they like, am I right? Which is why I would decided to open up my laptop and begin this blog.

With the power of text and images, I would love to extend my knowledge, though I have fallen off the wagon due to my entrapment in adulthood and it’s duties, but I would love to share what information I currently contain and uncover with those that love to read into Anime, and may even just be starting out. I want to share with you not just reviews and reactions like other blogs, but as well as information on the industries history, fun facts, news, and much much more!

I welcome all my followers as well to feel free and contact me with any content that they would love to see, or even submit posts such as information they have, theories, and/or artwork that I can feature on this blog and help you grow as well. Let’s make this page an escape from everyday hustle and bustles so that we can prop up our feet, and just relax.

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